They are taking up space and I’d like them gone. I had an idea that they’d have been perfect for but I realize I’ll never have the time to give them the love they deserve.
Make me an offer for the lot. I’ll also trade for any Aeronef or painted 6/15mm.

Platoon 20’s:
From the following packs of African troops:
P-AF3 Total of 18x troops including RPG & LMG
P-DW2 Total of 6x troops including Bazooka and LMG

Stan Johansen’s:
11x South American Palace Guards (Long OOP)
6x Rhodesian SAS (includes one guy with a Crossbow!!!)
5x British SAS in Black Balaclavas
5x British SBS (Special Boat Service)
5x SWAT team in Blue garb
18x Civilian Rioters/Terrorists/Hitmen, etc.
6x Mounted Rhodesians (12pcs w horse and rider) plus some extra small arms.

Super easy to use them for a “Wild Geese” scenario. Or add some civilians for an awesome zombie scenario.