Disc You know your workout is good when you take a shower and can’t reach your head to wash your hair.

In days past, I used to be a bodybuilder and powerlifter. However, being married, having a job, and life in general slowly replaced my Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones HIT workouts. Of course, I put on a ton of weight…like 200 lbs of it. As I’ve discussed on other posts, I’m really working hard to change my life. I’m down 80 lbs as of this post, have improved my disc golf game significantly, and can much more easily ride Black Peter.

So, I started my split routine today with a vengeance. My focus ultimately is on my disc golf game and getting better/faster. I’m following the Avery Jenkins split to start. At this point, following any routine of any kind will be advantageous.

My ultimate goal is to equally burn fat and build muscle. Wow, isn’t that a unique goal that nobody has ever thought of. In all seriousness though, I want to get weight shed and get an established routine that pushes me beyond the 150lb weight stack my home gym provides me.


Goals: Disc golf is not a strength sport per se. It’s explosive movement that requires short bursts of intense effort.

Disc golf calls for a great deal of core strength, flexibility, and speed. To that end, my routine is a combination of lifting, yoga, and cycling. The lifting will cover the strength side of things as well as burn off fat.


Absolutely nothing, maybe some disc golf. I’m always down for some disc golf.


Disc Golf

So, those of you that know fitness know that this is a ridiculously punishing schedule for someone not in shape. One thing to consider is I used to be incredible shape. I’m absolutely a natural mesomorph and have a surprisingly ridiculous amount of stamina.