Pico Amor is a great source for 3mm ACW (American Civil War) and Modern miniatures. I recently ordered a large batch of moderns along with the Hind Commander ruleset. I wanted to order four of the sets that they didn’t list but Assault Publishing did. I emailed John with what I wanted and he got back to me lightning fast with a price that was a good bit less than ordering from Assault directly.


They took a little while to get here (in tabletop, nobody knows what a calendar is) but John was very on top of keeping me in the loop via email. I was impressed. The quality of the sculpts is incredible! Most of the 3mm minis that I’ve worked with are on the “blobby” side of the coin but these are sharp. Wow.


I have a good number of pictures that I’ll post and will do updates to my blog as work progresses on the minis.