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No Fuss No Muss Vegan Pancakes

without any weird ass ingredients

Anyone that knows me knows that I love waffles and pancakes. To put this in context, I really like my wife and kids, but I love me some waffles and pancakes. I also love being a vegan. The problem I’ve encountered so far with the majority of vegan waffle recipes is that they pretty much suck.

Traditional waffle recipes have a fair amount of egg which is one of the reasons they get a really nice crispy crust. In order to replicate this, a lot of vegan recipes incorporate weird types of flour and ingredients most people don’t have. An example: I use flax or chia eggs and occasionally banana as a substitute for most recipes. I really don’t like the way that behaves in the waffle iron and my better half also really hates banana flavor. You’ll also see recipes that include teff. I actually have a bag of teff but most people don’t have that.

This recipe is perfect for family or friends that want to make a vegan breakfast but don’t want to have to work at it.

If you’re not a vegan or you’re new to being vegan, the recipe probably looks pretty unremarkable. That’s the whole point. As I mentioned before, the whole idea is to make it as straightforward as possible. If you can make non-vegan pancakes or waffles, you can easily make these. 

Dry Ingredients: Any white flour works but I prefer cake flour. As for spices, I love cinnamon but you can also add in nutmeg, allspice, or if you’re really basic pumpkin pie spice. If I’m serving the waffles with something spicy like Boca Spicy Chicken Patties, I’ll add a bit more sugar. White sugar works but coconut sugar is truly sublime. Sweet offsets heat.

Wet Ingredients: WHY  IN THE NAME OF BETTY CROCKER WOULD YOU PUT VINEGAR IN SWEET PANCAKES?!?! The vinegar helps curdle the milk and makes it more like a buttermilk. That’s why I recommend combing the wet ingredients first so it has time to do its thing. I really love vanilla so I frequently use a lot more than I state. I honestly just totally eyeball it. I use oat milk for nearly everything but you can use soy, almond, etc. They should totally work. 

What’s “Missing”: As I mentioned before, I usually use chia or flax to sub for eggs. The recipe as written doesn’t need them as they get plenty crispy on their own. I’ve also seen a lot of recipes that use multiple types of flour and other ingredients anyone that isn’t at least level 6 vegan would ever recognize. That’s cool that you use those, but this recipe is meant for non-vegans or people just starting out as vegans. This is the recipe a vegan that is visiting in-laws can give the inlaws to make. It’s that easy and normal. 

Serving: They are waffles and you already have a way of eating waffles you probably like. I like fresh fruit or compote on mine. I’ll add spicy chicken patties on top and sub out syrup for the fruit. That combination of sweet and creamy/crunchy goes well with spicy and umami. If you are making breakfast for your partner and you’re in the dog house, you can get edible flowers at really nice grocery stores. Sprinkle some on top and you are golden. You can also do the traditional dusting with powdered sugar (or just toss regular sugar in a Vitamix and pulse it).