I decided to post some previous examples of work I’ve done. Most of it is 28mm, more more accurately “heroic scale” since GW suffers mightily from scale creep.

Below: A red Necron army I did in red and dipped. You can see the can of Minwax Walnut Stain in the background.


Above: I’ve got a pretty decent sized Ogre Kingdom army which I am in the process of selling but here is one of my favorites from back when they made models out of metal and don’t shatter into dusty pieces when dropped. It was painted in the standard GW paint/wash/drybrush/hightlight fashion.

Below: Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings GW. One of my favorite models. I used moss blended with some milk as a basing material in addition to full moss. It basically caused moss to grow on the model so it became a “living” model. It was primed and then given zero paint but lots of layers of wash to give it a more organic feel.

treebeard da

Above: Some Dark Angels models. There was a TON of line highlighting on these. Probably my largest 40k army. I probably have 7000 points of Deathwing, all metal, all small base.

Below: Epedimius. Seriously one of my favorite Daemon characters. Way underrated. I used him in doubles tourneys. I would always pair him with a teamate that ran Nurgle Marines. That Tally Master function made then nigh invincible.

epedemius (1) nurgle

Above: Nurgle Dameon Prince and Papa Nurgle.

Below: Some of the nicest models I’ve done. White Hand Uruk-Hai Orc. The only Orcs I’ve ever doe but I love that army.


Above: My workspace. This is a photo from when I moved in. I love this setup. It’s much more organized now though not as much as I’d prefer.


So, here is some of the stuff I’ve don in 28mm. I’ll be posting more 3mm and some terrain tips this week.