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Fitness Progress & Making Those Vegains

Hello there and thank you for being the person other than me that actually reads this. I wanted to check in for accountabilities sake on my progress, where I came from, where I’m at, and what I’m going to be doing in the future.

I’m obsessive about tracking my progress. I not only count reps/weight I also track total weight lifted. I do that last bit just as an overall yardstick. Totally unscientific, but it is what it is.

When I started lifting seriously in December, it was ugly…


In December, I got my home gym and started actually using it. I was going three small sets of 8 and I thought I was the shit. I was breathless at the end of the workout and to be honest, I wasn’t pushing/pulling that much weight. Worse yet, my form was beyond ugly. Today, I wouldn’t count half the lifts since they were jerky and all over the place.

Pretty standard n00b lifter stuff. Thank God I got a selectorized home gym so I reduced the chance I was going to viciously hurt myself.

Also, I was lucky to work out once per week since I’d be sore for 4 days.

As you can see, not exactly Arnold Classic quality lifts

Where I Am Now 

I mentioned previously I hired a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Paul “Hench Herbivore” Kerton. Since he’s in Norwich England, needless to say, I wasn’t able to train with him full time. So, I paid him to work up a plan for me and I’ve been following the workout routine pretty religiously since mid-January.

I’ve lost another 20ish pound but most importantly I’ve gained a great deal of muscle and confidence.

I’ve noticed that the scale did stop moving down as quickly but my clothes were feeling significantly looser. Well, that is with one exception, my sleeves are getting tight. To be completely honest, I assumed I was putting on weight and my arm fat was just, well, fatter. However, I caught myself in the mirror (it’s pretty normal when you hate your body to go a very long time without actually looking at yourself in a mirror) I had muscles.

I’ve actually started to get legitimate biceps and forearms. My neck and shoulders look amazing, and my calves look like a grapefruit. Pretty freaking amazing. Mind you, I am still carrying a LOT of extra weight still so it’s not as obvious that I’m getting fitter. Though, one friend did say that I was getting “country fit” which means big but with muscles. That’s fine with me for now.

*NOTE: I’ve since added to the routine Paul worked up for me so this isn’t exactly his

Ok, so this is looking a lot more respectable

Well, respectable for a fat old man that is

So Where Am I Going From Here

Loose skin. I’m giving myself 2 years to deal with that. That’s a goal.

I have discovered a few things about myself in this fitness journey. I’ve found I really like lifting crazy heavy weights. I’m not at all impressed with bodybuilding, but I sure as hell am impressed by having functional and ridiculously strong muscles. I’ve looked at Olympic, powerlifting, and strongman competitions.

I have to admit, I really freaking love strongman competitions and lifting.

Less this

and more this

and this

and this

Strongman, really Scott?!

Maybe. While powerlifting does have a lot of appeal to me, it’s not as well rounded as strongman. Olympic lifting is a hella competitive and brutal sport, but I am always left feeling like Olympic lifting is the Showgirls to the Candy Stripe Nurses that is powerlifting. Sure it’s really great looking and all, but it’s pretty doing the same thing for you. Strongman seems to be the more practical of all the weightlifting hobbies. Sure, since I don’t live on a farm being able to lift giant stones isn’t super practical, it is still somewhat practical.

Regardless of what strength sport I find myself attracted to, I know one thing for sure and with a burning passion…

Freaking Corporate Gyms

Corporate gyms are what we’d have if the Germans won the war. Ok, so maybe I’m being hyperbolic. No maybe, I am. But still, the point stands that corporate gyms are incredibly bad. From crowded people abusing equipment to nobody speaking up about dangerous and incredibly bad form. It’s not good. Of course, they have their place. Everything does.

However, I’ve always found them toxic. Ok, so any gym can be a toxic place but I’ve always found corporate chain gyms the worst.There are multiple social media accounts that do nothing but share all the insane or crazy stuff happening in corporate gyms.

For me at least, most corporate gyms are meat markets with some equipment. I’m a vegan. LOL. Sorry, but the joke was way to easy. I’m not interested in meeting or picking anyone up. I want to lift heavy stuff. Heck, one of the two corporate gyms near me doesn’t allow any kind of deadlifts. Seriously. What the hell is that?!

The best gyms I’ve ever worked out in are small, mom and pop gyms. Occasionally, they smell and aren’t as clean as others and maybe their equipment was purchased while worrying about what the Soviets were going to do in East Germany. But, the people there are nice once you get into the group and fit into the culture.

Sure, they are more expensive, but what is more expensive: the gym you don’t like working out at or the gym you enjoy working out at? Good health and fitness require work. I for one love seeing progress both physically, numerically, and spiritually.

Still I am VERY happy to post this little gem