Well, here are some examples of minis from my collection. I’ve always been way more interested in painting and terrain that playing when it came to 28mm. I love smaller scale, especially historical.

So, I am uploading some pictures of the minis as I sit on my patio, enjoying the cooler weather, enjoying a fine Romeo y Julieta cigar. I hope your evening as as well as mine.


Above: Ogre Kingdom Bull with headdress.

Below: Ogre Tyant and Ogre Kingdom Butcher


Ogre Kingdom Pirate Maneater


I really hate that they transitioned all of these over to “Finecast” resin. Sorry, but the metal isn’t as hard to work with as people make out. Plus, if it is cast properly, pinning in not a must have.

Below is a Khorne Daemon. I need to take a good picture of the skull cloak. It came out quite nicely.


Below are some of my 40k Dark Angel Deathwing. I really enjoyed painting the Deathwing. The officer was painted by someone else but I really like it.


An assassin, I don’t remember who he belongs to.


Two of my all time favorite minis. Uruk-Hai standard bearers/command blister that has gone OOP.


Thanks for making it this far. I do appreciate criticism and comments. Please feel free to do so.