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So, these are simply the best sloppy joes I’ve ever had. Really. They’re even vegan and the type of vegan that even meat eaters really enjoy. Easy to make and almost totally fat-free. They follow a whole food plant based diet which means they’re all natural and plant-based. Also, they’re pretty darned healthy which is a really good thing.

They store really well and taste better the next day. I have them over potatoes for leftovers as well as a side with other dishes.

Yes, they are vegan but you won’t notice


Thickness: If you cook it longer, it will reduce and become thicker. I prefer them really thick so I just cook and stir it for a while.

Heat: As I’ve mentioned many times, I love heat and spice. If it’s overly hot, you can always put some bread and butter pickles or sweet relish on your sandwich. If you need a lot more heat, you have an excuse to use more Tapatilo in my book.

Serving Suggestions: You don’t need to just serve it as a sandwich, you can serve it over potatoes, rice, or even nachos.