Smart How-To Color Theory Primer

When I worked for GW, I used to sell the heck out of their painting guide since it had a wonderful primer on color theory and how to select complimentary colors. It was one of the few things that made the book quite valuable since the books pretty agressively encourage people to paint their minis one way or the other thanks to the “official” paint schemes. Once again, Beasts of War and Romain specifically have done an AMAZING job teaching us or refreshing and even I’d say extending our knowledge of color theory. You owe it to your painting skills to check the videos below out.

As always, Romain manages to play to stereotype of the trained French artist and manages to give his pompous sneers to the camera. However, I think it adds to his charm. Part of me says that he would be an interesting guy to have a beer and bbq with assuming you can avoid hitting him repeatedly or making some garlic munching comments. It is indeed an amazing color theory primer that has paid off in spades for my painting. Hopefully, it will do so for you!


I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did. I look forward to trying some of the ideas out.

Oh, try and tell me that this image doesn’t SCREAM for some photoshoping.

Romain is begging for some Photoshop work

The genius behind the color theory primer

Cheers and Happy New Year!