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As always, recipe first, story second…as it should be.

Warm and filling soup that my 3 and 1 1/2 year olds both loved

I never ate soup. Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Texas, it was never cold enough to eat soup with regularity. Sure, we’d occasionally have tomato soup if we had grilled cheese. Other than that, we never ate soup.

Since going vegan, I’ve started eating soup. Dr McDougall related a great story about how people that ate soup before eating an unlimited amount or type of food managed to lose weight. It makes sense since soup is not calorically dense at all. It’s mostly water with veggies.

So, I’ve been playing around with a bunch of different soups. One of the ones that’s gove over better than any of the others is my split pea soup. I guess technically it’s split pea, navy bean, potato, and carrot soup. But you get the idea.

Dry Ingredients: The thing I’ve found that works best is doing two different dices. I like my soup to have a lot of flavor but also a lot of texture. So, I do a really fine dice on a potato and a carrot to add a ton of flavor. The chunky dice allows the soup to have a chunky texture as well. As for the beans, I love Camellia’s Beans. They have a crazy good assortment if you’re interested in starting on an Instant Pot bean and soup journey. Don’t soak the beans but do give them a quick rinse and make sure there aren’t any rocks or other junk in the beans.

Wet Ingredients: The recipe calls for veggie stock but you can totally use water if you choose. The liquid smoke adds a TON of smoky flavor that I associate with split pea soup. Honestly, it’s a lot of the flavor that people get when adding ham hocks or other such animal products. You won’t miss it in this recipe. If you like it spicy, add a tablespoon of sriracha before cooking.

Cooking Tips: After everything is added, make sure to give it a really good stir. This does help it cook evenly. Once it’s done and the pressure has released, take your ladle and give it a thorough stir to mix the ingredients.

Serving Tips: I strongly recommend tossing in some croutons or some really crusty bread that’s cut up. It’ll help if the soup is, well, soupy. It’ll also add some texture as well. You can add salt, pepper, or sriracha at this point to add flavor as well. I found my picky eater liked his soup in a bowl but with bread cut in strips to dip in. My youngest enjoyed it when I put a slice of bread cut into smaller squares and poured the soup over it. It was easy for him to eat and he loved it.